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Business Plans (commercial, cargo, corporate jet)

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Business Plans (commercial, cargo, corporate jet)

AeroLogistix, is highly regarded for the development, creation, analysis and refinement of air carrier business plans for start-up operations. Our areas of expertise are broad and varied, ranging from small regional operations, to commercial jet operations on a worldwide basis, to the planned expansion of services in new markets, or with new aircraft for international long haul operations.

These efforts encompass all areas of air services, including passenger, air freight, charter, corporate, government and personal fleet operations.

Successful startup organizations all begin with a sound business plan, which should be clear and forthright, including detailed financial projections, market analyses, management profiles, and a persuasive executive summary. Investor groups want to understand with a minimum of effort, what you are going to do, what are your assumptions, who is going to run the organization, what will it cost, the projected returns, how you will penetrate the market, and a an exit strategy. The Business Plan sells a story, and provides a framework for a prospective investor to follow and to estimate what may happen.

A detailed business plan typically includes some of the following key subjects.

  • Market Analysis
  • Key Personnel
  • Aircraft Selection
  • Risk Factors
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Financial Projections

AeroLogistix’s support goes well beyond a Business Plan. We work with our clients and their representatives to assist in the evaluation and funding of the project by investors. When funding is secured, we are there to support and coordinate the various phases of plan implementation, including carrier certification, identification and recruitment of key personnel, aircraft selection, maintenance setup, organizational development, crew training, flight operations, with a particular focus on critical areas that are required in order for the carrier to be certified for operation in whatever countries they operate in. Once the carrier receives FAA certification, we maintain longer term relationships with our clients in order to encourage continued strategic focus and managed growth to achieve long term success and profitability.