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Aviation Consulting Services

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Aviation Consulting Services

AeroLogistix provides a variety of specialized consulting services to air carriers and aviation-related organizations on global scale. Combining our extensive industry knowledge and professional training with extensive experience from a variety of consulting projects, our clients benefit from the knowledge available from within the entire AeroLogistix group.

Developing and sustaining distinctive competitive advantages can be critical to long term company performance and profitability. We work with air carrier senior management teams and investors, to participate in an evaluation of business objectives and review of operations to identify, evaluate and plan responses to an unpredictable aviation industry.

We are particularly experienced in assisting start-up airlines with feasibility studies, business plans, organization planning, route analysis and financing. We also offer a full range of aircraft management and operational support services.

We invite you to consider the possibility that your company may profit from an evaluation within the following areas:

  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance and Technical Review
  • Startup Planning and Certification Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Plans and Financial Modeling
  • Customer Service
  • Safety and Security
  • Distribution Systems
  • Scheduling and Utilization Planning
  • Organization Design and Governance
  • Risk Management