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Asset Management

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Asset Management

AeroLogistix understands that aircraft lessors (Banks, Leasing Companies, Smaller Airlines,Private Equity Funds), need to be able to monitor their assets for compliance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements over the term of the lease. We assist our clients in managing these specialized asset risks to preserve residual values and maintenance reserves.

We advise our clients on all functions necessary for the operation, maintenance and administration of the aircraft; assist to obtain, maintain, and renew insurance policies; and, remain in compliance with the policies. Structured to protect you and your aviation assets, we can provide lessors with comprehensive and affordable lease management services that cover aircraft spare parts,rotables, and repairables.

The old maxim “you get what you pay for” is equally true in aviation. The seamless, efficient and professional operation of your aircraft is not inexpensive. However, a good management company will save you many times over the cost of the management fees charged.

Our management services & solutions include:

  • Repairs management
  • Asset management
  • AOG Services
  • Component purchasing
  • Initial provisioning
  • Inventory financing
  • Spares distribution
  • Aircraft Repossession
  • Remarketing at lease expiration

AeroLogistix charges a monthly aircraft management/asset protection fee that is all-inclusive. Included are: quality assurance, flight standards, maintenance coordination, flight coordination, flight following and accounting services. We collaborate with our clients to develop the fee based upon the specifics of the aircraft portfolio and expected operations.