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Air Carrier Assessment and Restructuring

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Air Carrier Assessment and Restructuring

In today’s ever changing and dynamic global aviation industry, every type of air carrier faces significant challenges. Competition for revenues, markets and ancillary services, and unpredictable operational, maintenance, distribution, and aircraft acquisition and financing costs, have become the norm.

An inability or failure to prepare and appropriately respond to these challenges has created a deep financial crisis for many operators. This may be the result of any number of factors, and due to the complexity of the operational and financial organization, can result in longer term reductions of revenue and profit, which suggests a review and possible restructure of operations.

Restructuring can be a complex strategic process that requires an organization to challenge the present and develop a vision for the future. Ultimately, the process engages every part of an air carrier’s corporate and operational structure, involving key areas such as financial management, flight operations, organization design, distribution systems, and route development.

Restructuring also is a detailed, goal-oriented and often time sensitive operation, which is critical to improving the contribution and value of the company and its financial competitiveness within the industry. Our services are tailored to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances.