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Advisory Services

AeroLogistix Advisory Services, a unique industry product, provides air carrier executives with guaranteed and nearly immediate access to trusted, informed and confidential counsel. These services are designed to be reliable, experienced resources, for commercial, corporate and government operators. An AeroLogistix principal is available as needed to explore: strategic board, management, or public policy issues; day-to-day operational matters; market and route development; regulatory and public policy developments; technical maintenance concerns, and so forth.

Working with passenger, cargo & charter airlines, governments, and corporate jet operators, AeroLogistix takes a proactive approach to understand your organization, strategy, values and people, to provide leaders of organizations with informed service that is tailored to your immediate and long term objectives, whether operational, financial, planning, management or public policy.

Our services are tailored to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances. We start with an initial assessment to understand your organization and consider service expectations and delivery, often by interviewing senior executives and visiting select facilities. On this basis, we develop a personalized Advisory Services approach that provides each client with affordable and accessible support.

AeroLogistix Advisory Services may include: competitive strategy study and support; business combinations and development; review of sales and distribution channels; financial modeling, marketing and positioning appraisal; technical maintenance analysis and support systems; development of cost and ROI models; strategic technology planning and review sessions; assessment of and response to RFPs; “peer-review” consideration of vendors and service providers; and assessment of organization design and governance structure.

AeroLogistix Advisory Services are strictly confidential and available to our client base, payable on a monthly basis.