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About us

Welcome To AeroLogistix

AeroLogistix, is a full-service aviation consulting firm founded in 1997 as Aviation World Services, and re-branded as AeroLogistix in July 2014. We provide a wide range of quality client services to institutions and companies engaged in airline passenger and cargo services, and corporate and government aviation activities throughout the world. AeroLogistix provides consulting services that are adapted to fit the special needs of our clients. When confronted with complex challenges, we strive to fashion innovative and successful responses in a collaborative approach.

We are particularly adept at identifying risks, developing intervention strategies, and implementing progressive methods to achieve management, operational, and safety excellence. We offer a specially selected team of recognized commercial and government aviation experts with years of experience in leadership positions.


We support a broad range of consulting projects to promote revenue growth, cost controls, regulatory compliance, performance improvements, and effective decision-making. We rely on CAA, FAA, EASA, and industry best practices, as the foundation of our work to identify strengths and weaknesses. Work on behalf of our clients includes:

  • Safety and operational assessments
  • Compliance audits
  • Air carrier start up support, including business planning; financial modeling; organizational strategy, design and management; aircraft sourcing, review and financing; certification management; governance and risk management; and, distribution systems.
  • Aircraft, flight and maintenance evaluation
  • Air carrier and management assessments and restructuring
  • Certification project management
  • Fuel and ground operations support and training
  • Airport security review
  • Technical manual development


AeroLogistix, is composed of a group accomplished aviation consultants who are thoughtful, collaborative, and highly motivated to provide our clients with the most professional team within the aviation industry. Overall, our team offers business and leadership experience in corporate, commercial, military and government aviation, and aviation finance, to provide our clients with expert counsel and business perspective. We are prepared to provide highly competent, professional and confidential support at a moment’s notice, if circumstances are warranted. Based on the nature of each unique client engagement, a team of AeroLogistix consultants is assembled, and selected team members will be be leaders widely recognized in their fields of endeavor, with years of history addressing complex business challenges. Our consultants are highly trained to identify risks, developing intervention strategies, and to recommend progressive methods for achieving operational and safety excellence, resulting in regulatory compliance and performance improvements.